Describe the worst teacher you ever had.

The first teacher who popped into my mind was my 12th grade English teacher. She was so negative about my writing and I was the editor of our school newspaper. Near the end of the year, I won first place in our district for news writing. Back in class, my friend Roy brought it to her attention. He was standing up for me, my skills. Her response? It was along the lines of, “I taught her everything she knows.” I’m pretty sure we just rolled our eyes and went back to playing MTV Hangman.

The second teacher was my fourth grade teacher. She was mean. I remember being ear pinched and dragged around. I remember feeling stupid and spending lots of recesses sitting out working on school work. Till one day our head minister stopped by and asked what we were doing. He told us we needed to go play and released us. We never had to do recess homework again.