I’m reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. This is the second of his books I’ve read this month, and I must confess I am very envious of his writing style.

“Listen To Your Writer” is a chapter title that just jumped out at me. I’d already powered down for the night, but felt compelled to get back on and write some.

Where I am in the book is this author has been approached to make his last book into a movie. It’s about him learning a different kind of writing. It talks about character development and story arcs. But, wow, does he speak to me.

About being the character in my own life. What kind of story am I living?

“Once I understood the power of story in my personal life, I wanted to know about how to create a good one,” he writes. As he rewrites his life, he discovers he is creating the person he wanted to be. And finds himself becoming that person in real life.

“We don’t want to be characters in a story because characters have to move and breathe and face conflict with courage. And if life isn’t remarkable, then we don’t have to do any of that; we can be unwilling victims rather than grateful participants.

“And once you know what it takes to live a better story, you don’t have a choice. Not living a better story would be like deciding to die, deciding to walk around numb until you die, and it’s not natural to want to die,” he writes.

That’s a lot of what I’ve been thinking about lately. That somewhere along the line my pause button was pushed and I haven’t been living my life the way I want to.

I think a lot of things. Wish a lot of things. Daydream a ton. But where is my action? “A Character Is What He Does” is another chapter title.  I can meddle in my mind all I want, but until I act, I am just walking around numb. Skating through life. Certainly not living a Life Worthy.

So, I bought a 10-class yoga card and am going to start classes this week. I’ve decided Gigi and I should do obedience school, with the goal of becoming a therapy or Delta dog. I need to stop making excuses and start decluttering my house (regardless of what my mom says). I need to make a bucket list (I read today someone calling it a Birthday Bucket — things to do before your next birthday) and not wait for the death sentence before acting on it. Like doing this.

So before I go back to my reading, I just have to share a line that made me laugh out loud.

“Who are these people who write about themselves, and how did I become one of them?”