I took a vacation day today so I could get some stuff done around the house. I desperately need to tidy the place up. It’s a sty and I’d be mortified for anyone to see it. Well, that’s not true. I let the exterminator in.

It’s 2:46pm. Have I done anything yet? Nope. It’s like I am paralyzed by it. And I don’t know why. I know a neater space would make me happier. And yet, here I sit.


I visited with my doctor on Wednesday. We talked about my weight gain when I went on Celexa (it was actually more than 23 lbs). We determined that I’ve gotten back to where I was pre-drugs.

WB is known for helping with weight loss, so I’ve tried adjusting the it in the past, but increasing the dosage makes my tinnitus (apparently pronounced tin-e-tus, not tin-i-tus) worse. I explained I wanted to try going off the Celexa to see if that helps. I also told her I was worried about doing so.

We agreed to increase the WB to 300mg (only options are 150 or 300) and work on decreasing the Celexa. She thinks that decreasing the C will help with the WB tinnitus. The goal is not to go off the Celexa completely at this point, but to get to the lowest dosage I can.

Then I need to give it six weeks. That’s how long it will take to see how my brain reacts.

My goal is to go till Monday with half my normal C dosage and regular WB. Then I will increase the WB for a few days before halving the C dosage again. She said she trusts me to finagle with it myself to determine what works best. Then contact her for new prescriptions. Fingers crossed people.