Mom and I went to the Botanical Gardens today for their “Dog Days of Summer.” I’m always looking for places to take Gigi. She loves to be out with people.

I asked mom when we got there if she’d like to use the walker again. She declined, but we weren’t all the way to the gate when she asked me to go back for it.

She uses it to lean on, but I worry about her using the brakes to keep it from getting away from her (as it almost did a couple times).

There was one good bobble, but she was able to save herself from falling by using the walker to rebalance. I’m certain if she hadn’t had it, she would’ve gone down. Hard. On a hip. Never good at any age, let alone 85. I gasped when I saw it.

What I see makes me worry about what happens when I’m not there. I worry when she goes somewhere (besides work) without me. She practically wears a flashing neon sign that says, “Mug Me!”