Since 1997, I’ve had the Yahoo name of TxSusan. It was my original non-AOL email address. Eventually I started using sbcglobal (also tied to Yahoo), but since TxSusan was (is) my original login it is technically still attached to me.

Over the years I’ve received email that didn’t belong to me.  Stuff I chose to ignore. Until this week. I started getting emails regarding her request for an “Event.” I also had an inordinate number of guys want to connect with me via Yahoo Chat (so many that I hid my profile).

And then today. I remembered an article I read this week about gruesome Craig’s List postings that led to rapes and stalkings because an ex or some hater posted false ads with real contact information. Shades of that article popped into my mind, so I decided to write one guy back to ask where he’d read about the event. He sent me a link and I was finally able to track down the “other” TxSusan.

By poking through her profile, I discovered her email is TxSusan56. She’s 61 and lives in Houston. Her profile “likes” include a garden variety of sex acts listed in very explicit terms. And then I clicked another link and discovered Susan is actually a Boy Named Sue.

Now all those emails make sense . . .

Yes, I promptly wrote her and explained the situation, and asked her to be more careful in the future. I’ve received no response.