So, this doing one thing at a time is new and interesting. New in that it’s going to take a conscious effort on my part (so far, so good) and interesting in my reaction to things.

I had some ice cream yesterday in silence. I can’t ever remember just sitting and being one with the ice cream (and a lip-smacking Gigi). I tried to pay attention to how it felt. Did the ice cream taste better because I was focused on it? Did I leave a little bit more than normal because I noticed how excited Gigi seemed to be knowing she was gonna get some of that cold, pink, sweet stuff again?

I talked about it over lunch with my mom. I brought it up because the guy sitting next to me was with his wife and daughter, but he was on his iPhone. Seriously, put it down already. Pay attention to the moment.

I went through the DVR recorded list earlier to delete the programs I’d already watched (I season pass some, so it records whether or not I am watching). I had to start watching a few because I couldn’t remember if I’d seen them or not. Probably because I was doing something else at the same time. Which is silly, because these are shows I like. Not just something I channel-surfed upon. Shows I make plans around to watch. And yet, I wasn’t really doing that.

Last night I watched Man Men. And that’s all. Usually the TV is on all the time. But I decided there were other things I wanted to do, so I turned the TV off and focused on updating my iPhone apps. Then I powered down and watched MM (which was awesome, btw).

I’m trying to decide if my bedroom should be a no TV zone. Each night I usually “retire” to my room at some point. TV, laptop, books/magazines, snack/drink, dog and settle in for the evening. That point has been getting earlier and earlier.

In addition to my one-at-a-time project, I also need to see if I can get a life. One outside of my home. I need to find things to do, places to go and people to join me.

Baby steps, my friends.