I was talking with a friend this week about taking a media break. Wondering what I would do with my time if I had no TV or Internet. Then I realized that my problem is never doing one thing at a time. I watch TV and flip through a magazine. Or surf the web. Or play a game. The TV may be on for noise while I do something else, but why? So I’ve decided that instead of a media break, I’m going to work on doing one thing at a time. So this morning I am sitting in my silent house, looking at blog things. My dog is curled up next to me and I hear the singing of the cicadas. And yet, it is eerily quiet.

I’m curious to see if it increases my blog posting. I think about it every day, but allow myself to become distracted and then I lay in bed thinking about what I’d wanted to write, instead of actually writing it.

I’ll keep you posted.