Since it’s been a while, some updates are in order.

Mom. She’s doing well. She still hurts, and her balance is really off, but she was put on an antidepressant this Spring and it has made a world of difference in her disposition. Not everything is high drama. Thank heavens. She’s still working 4.5 days a week and driving (days).

Work is good. July 25 will be five years in my “new” department. My safe haven. I have more to do now and that helps lots.

Cory ran away from home and never came back.

I went to London and Paris in June. It was awesome. Where to go next? We’re talking about Pennsylvania in the Fall. I know each trip I swear will be the last, but there are only so many of these left.

Toe surgery was four weeks ago. It looks so much better this time. I can hardly wait until the pin comes out. It better stay in place (it hung too low last time). I am so tired of this shoe. I wear it 24-7. Yes, even when I sleep. I have to be just as careful to make sure it doesn’t get pushed in as I do to make sure it doesn’t get pulled out (I heard a story that proves it can happen. I’ll spare you the willies.).