I want a new car.

I do not need a new car.

I’ve had new car fever. I’ve been thinking about an SUV. I really like the Equinox. Part of me would love a “luxury” car (probably used).

But again, I don’t need a new car. Single me certainly doesn’t need an SUV. Nor do I need a fancy car. And really, shouldn’t I be getting a Hybrid to do my part for the environment?

Traveling has made it clear to me that Americans live in the land of excess. Its shown me that people need basic necessities — like, say, water. And it makes me wonder where I fit into that equation.

As a human being, I have a desire to do more. To give more. To be satisfied with what I have. And I am. Grateful for all that I have. I know that I am blessed.

My nine-year-old car is perfectly fine. Still looks good and runs like a champ. I do not need a new car. I just want one.

Yet, I also want people in Africa to have easy access to water. And now that I’ve been there. Seen it person, I feel like I have a roll – an obligation – to help in some way.

I know that I need to find a happy median. To determine how much of my income I can afford to donate. 10%? Like a Christian tithe?

It’s funny, I’ve been sitting with this post tonight for way too long. Struggling with it. Unable to really articulate what I feel. What I am thinking. And I’m not sure why because it is right near the top of my thoughts.