Yesterday I was Facebooking people from high school and college. Some I’ve done before and I just check back on occasion to see if maybe they’ve fallen prey like the rest of us.

One I did for the first time. Someone I hadn’t thought of in years. We were pretty inseparable as seniors and the first few years of college. Then we had a falling out and it was ug-ly. Yeah, turns out she’s a lesbian.

I’m not sure what it is with the lesbians in my life. A roommate came out. A co-worker. A life-long friend. And the bi-sexual roommate. That’s five female friends. Women I have been very close to. Most I suspected at some point in the friendships. I’ve even had two separate guys think one in particular was my partner.

I asked a co-worker in the last two weeks or so if people thought Linda and I were/are a couple. Only because we are single and travel together. She told me that yes, there’d been speculation.

I feel like I need to go around announcing, “I’m not gay.” But you know what they say about people who protest much. But, I’m not gay. The thought of it gives my the oogies. Just yesterday I was coveting Colin Firth (which I do on occasion).

I do wonder though why I’ve had these women who were major persons in my life at times. Is it because I am secure in who I am? Because, really? I don’t get it. Me and the lesbians.

Topic withstanding, I’ve been thinking about joining one of those dating sites. It’s been a while and previous attempts didn’t bring any thing more than a few emails. Certainly no phone calls or dates. I’ve been thinking about recruiting friends to write about me.

I’m thinking others might be more truthful about who I am. Not that’d I’d lie, but I’d either be really harsh or too flowery. And then I’d need to find someone who could photoshop me thinner!