Mom and I had “the talk” a couple weeks ago. No, not about s-e-x. About her driving. And my concerns. It was hard. We both cried.

I told her I was really confident about her daytime driving. Nighttime, not so much. I told her that it’s not time for her to stop driving. Or working. Or living alone. But that she needs to pay attention to her speed (too slow) and really concentrate if she’s out at night.

Since then, she’s made comments about doing something and being home before dark. The other day she drove so I could be on the phone. We reached our destination, but I went to drive when we left. She asked me if her driving had been that bad. “Be honest,” she said.

It took me back for a moment. Because she seemed to really want to know. I told her that no, it was just the motion (yes, I get motion sickness in the car if I’m not the driver) and I meant it.

It made me really proud of her. And proved that though the future holds more difficult conversations for us, we will make it through.