There are a couple things I typically do at the end of each year as a recap. One is to take the first sentence of the first post of each month:

Rest in Peace, Senator Pell. (Thanks for helping me get through college.) OK, now this sounds like fun. I am holding tight to the tourniquet to hopefully staunch the bleeding . . . from my wallet. I cannot pee and pet the cat at the same time. We are traveling via SkyTeam partners, Northwest Airlines and KLM. Like most people, I have a list of places to go and people I’d like to see in my lifetime. Our first morning in Tanzania. Please forgive me for I have sinned against you. Hmmm, I don’t remember who I wanted to be as a child. I think Operation Beautiful is a pretty amazing site. Each November, tens of thousands of bloggers get on the NaNoWriMo bandwagon. I cracked.

Funny, right?

The second is the Mayfly Project.

At the end of every year since 2000, we invite readers to look back on the last twelve months of their lives and reflect on what has been important, defining or constant during that particular year, and then sum their year up in just 24 words.

I need to work on that one . . .