I am reading a nifty book right now, 29 Gifts. I remember finding the website a couple years ago and getting on the bandwagon. Then I remember talking about how I am already that way and I guess I quit. High and mighty, that’s me.

Well, the book has re-energized my thoughts on the being in tune to giving to others. In a deliberate way. A segment tonight helped me focus on trying again, differently.

“Smiles are easy for me to give, as are words of advice. I want to use this 29 Days to go deeper and offer things I wouldn’t normally give,” writes another.

I like the spirituality of the book, but am sometimes bothered by the “places of devotion where I could make offerings to my ancestors and to the great spirit that unites us all.” Thankfuly she offers Bible versus right next to those thoughts. I worry about focusing on the “great spirit” without it being God.

I’ve done yoga a few times, but read in Christianity Today magazine (or online) that yoga is sinful because it encourages worship of Hinduism (I don’t know why CT link takes you to a different website). That you cannot separate yoga from the Hindi religion. So that pretty much ruined yoga for me.

Anyway. I swear the connection made sense at the time I thought it.

It also has a section, again in talking via a “divination” from an African medicine woman, that leads her to think more about her writing. How when she started blogging, “Writing was like a therapy for me back then . . . After years of this type of writing, plus a lot of counseling and addiction treatment, I found myself well and happy, which was great. But I didn’t know how to write from this healthier place, so I just stopped. I felt like I lost my voice.”

The bells went off for me, because that is exactly how I’ve been feeling. That by coming out of depression, by not being able to define myself by it, I lost myself along the way.

She goes on to ask questions during the divination that involve minerals and rocks and eventually planting seeds to “symbolically fuel my creativity. ‘Ask the earth to help you grow a new voice.’ “

As she plants the seeds, she “sends out a silent plea to the universe: Please help me find a new writing voice that communicates from love, hope and faith.”  That’s what I need to do. Find a positive voice that comes from a new connection with myself. I’ve not been writing with any passion for a long time now and I would like to find that form of creative expession again.

I’ve not been able to sleep. But now that I’ve written this out I have become very tired and know I’ll sleep well now.