So, I’m not going to make 30 Posts in 30 Days.

Let’s see. Friday I went to work, did an errand for Jill and made a quick change for the Mannheim Steamroller concert. We had a fabulous dinner at Ciao. The evening was a belated birthday gift from my friend Michele and the music felt like the perfect way to kick-off the holiday season.

Yesterday I read for the radio, took a nap and did some shopping with mom. She’s been feeling really great lately, but her hip and ankle were bothering her. I think she did too much walking on Black Friday.

I totally forgot about the blog Friday and yesterday I remembered when I got into bed.

Today I’ve been hanging out at home. It’s a melancholy day. I’m dressed and waiting to head to the funeral home so I can help set-up the memorial table for Gerry’s viewing. Then we’re all going out to dinner.

My brother-from-the-same-mother is here. We all know how excited I am about that.

Tomorrow is an all-day event because the internment is in Brenham. She’ll be laid to rest there with her husband. They were married 53 years when he passed away 13 years ago.

Her dad died Nov. 21 and now her mom on Nov. 24.  I think they are pretty much done with Thanksgiving as a time for celebration for a while.

So, I am officially calling today the last day of 30 Posts in 30 Days. Including tomorrow, I’ll have missed four days. Which, all thing considered, is pretty damn good for me. I may post tomorrow or I may never post again. We’ll see how it goes.