I picked up five books at the library tonight. To add to the collection of three that I already have here. I’m a reader. Voracious. I’ll read just about anything, although I trend towards fiction.

I choose the books I read through a variety of sources. Book reviews. Personal recommendations.

I love the library. Free books. As many as I like. I love to put books on hold. Pick them up and check them out myself. I love that I can pick any topic and learn about it.

If I decide I’m not liking the book, I stop reading it. Novel idea, right? But when I used to buy books, I had to finish them cause I paid for them!

Here’s what’s new to the nightstand:

Weekends at Bellevue
The Next Thing on My List
Angry Conversations with God
Miriam’s Kitchen
Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea