Do you ever feel like you just can’t get ahead? $535 on the doggie derm. $450 tomorrow on the car. $375 coming up for toe surgery.

This morning my car window rolled down and died. I was in the parking lot at work (we have to swipe a card to get in) when I couldn’t get it to go back up. I just couldn’t leave the car in the outside lot. And it wouldn’t be much better in the garage, so I just drove it out to be serviced. Indeed, the motor thing that powers the window died. A new one is $212, plus labor. *sigh*

So, I had to ask my mommy if I could borrow her car tonight. A friend does the PR for a local comedy club and a second club soft-opens tonight. Richard Lewis is the comedian. It includes dinner and drinks at the new Alamo Drafthouse. Plus a holiday movie preview. Should be fun. And I’m getting out of the house! On a weeknight! Watch out!