I love it!

The commercials peaked my interest, but I admit I’m a skeptic.

I’ve tried lipsticks that swore they were long-lasting. And, they did. Only they dried my lips terribly. I’ve tried tints that promised to last, but they lied. So, when the local grocery store offered a $2.50 coupon I decided to take a chance.

I chose Non-Stop Cherry. I grew wary at the lip gloss like texture. I’m used to a lip “stick.” Swish-swish without a mirror, it’s on and I’m done. However, I figured out right away you need to be careful with the application of something that claims to last 16 hours. Make sure it’s on evenly. A mirror is definitely necessary.

The next step is a clear lip gloss. I’ve taken to calling it “the shellac.” Well, that’s what it reminds me of. Get one layer of the paint on and then shellac it so it’s shiny when it dries.

I really thought I wasn’t going to like it. I thought it would be too sticky. Or doubly dry the lips.

I can happily report it doesn’t. It took me a day or two to get used to the “slickness” of the first few minutes. But now I don’t even notice. I eat. I drink. I talk. And talk. And at the end of the day? My lips are still full of color. Almost identical to when I first put it on.

During the day I don’t feel a need to “refresh” either the color or the shellac. Sometimes I’ll swipe some chapstick to make it look moist-ish again. More often I just leave it alone.

It feels good to sit in a two- or three-hour meeting and know that my lips still look ok. Ditto at a luncheon or similar. Nothing worse than sitting there like a doofus with lipstick on the upper lip, but not the bottom lip. Hate that.

The ultimate test: Mom is always complaining that her lipstick never stays on. And it doesn’t. I swear she eats it. Saturday after lunch I had her try it on. I pointed out when I headed home around 10pm that it was still on. And when she came home from church the next morning? Yep, still Non-Stop Cherried. She even raved that “it didn’t dry out my lips!” She called earlier this evening from the store to confirm the name so that she could buy one for herself.

And I must confess, I’ve already bought a second color for myself: Infinite Raspberry.

★★★★ out of four stars