I was just about to drift off to sleep last night when I remembered I hadn’t done the daily blog. I almost got out of bed to not break my streak, but I decided I didn’t want to wake myself up to do so.

Jill was in town with her partner Anne to continue working through her mom’s house. I can’t believe it’s been over a year now since she moved her mom to Houston.

We ended the evening at Paesano’s, which was packed. I didn’t remember the marathon was today and that lots of people would be out carbo-loading.  It was worth the wait for sure. Special salad is  yummy.

I wouldn’t call Anne a worker bee more than she is a boss bee. And Jill is a boss bee. Not always a good combo, you know?  Today I spent a lot of time playing referee between the two. I was so glad when they went home. I was exhausted. Physically and mentally.

I haven’t always been a worker bee. There have been lots of times when I did things grudgingly. Bitterly. And then I found anti-depressants and they changed my attitude about so much in life. Now I see things so differently. I know that I have skills that are useful in complicated situations. I know when to push Jill to make decisions about a certain item or box of stuff. And I can tell when she’s not ready and I put it back. It will still be there next trip.

She’s done so much for me in my life. I’m glad I can finally be that person for her.