I have some extra time before I need to be anywhere this morning. I have an appointment with my podiatrist at 9a to finally set the date for my surgery. I’ve decided to have only one toe fixed instead of having both feet (and two more toes) done at the same time.

Then I’m coming to pick up Gigi for her visit to the Doggie Dermatologist. Yes. Her very own dermatologist. She’s suffered with allergies for years, but we’re to a point now where nothing seems to help. So, yes, we’re looking into testing.

We visited our regular vet last week and he explained it will only get worse as she ages. And trust me, we’ve tried everything before getting to this place. Various meds, foods, shampoos. You name it, we’ve tried it. And now she’s at a point where even the prednisone doesn’t really touch it.

I’m glad to be moving away from the steroids. It takes time off the life of a dog. And I was surprised to see I’ve had Gigi over five years now. Which makes her six-years-old. Which in the new calculation of  dog years, makes her 42-years-old. Next year, she’ll be older than me.

If you were to meet my dog, you would assume she’s still a puppy. When I (erroneously) told folks she was “four,” people always assumed I meant four months (she’s a toy, so her size is deceptive).

The scratching and licking has been really bad. She wakes me up at night. I have two t-shirts on her (I get newborn onesies and cut off the snaps) to lessen the impact of her nails.

I’d taken her shirt off an hour before we went to the vet last week and he couldn’t believe how bad she scratched herself during that short time. At that point she’d only been off the med for four days. He said the derm usually likes the animal on nothing for four weeks (!!!) before testing, but even he agreed she needs help NOW.

I think I’ll take off her t-shirts when I leave for my appointment so she has enough time to scratch and prove we can’t wait four weeks. I know, bad mamma.