Did you know that there really is a Broken Heart syndrome? And it can really harm your heart. My friend Cynthia had to put her dog down yesterday. It’s been a long, hard month for her — she’s lost two very close friends and now her longtime companion. Her heart broke. She’s in the hospital and her heart is truly damaged. She’s going to have one of three procedures Monday.

I walked out with my friend Ashley Friday. Her mom had been having some back pain. Massage and other techniques didn’t help. They did an MRI. It’s cancer, wrapping around her spinal cord. They tested it to see what kind it is. Turns out it’s metastized from somewhere else. Breast cancer. Three separate lumps. They’ll find out this week what the plan of action is. I offered consoling words. Been there, you know? But, I didn’t have the heart to tell her what’s coming.