So I often lay in bed at night and think about what I could be writing. But then I don’t want to get out of bed to do it, because then I’ll be awake.

Today I saw Jill for the first time. I wouldn’t have noticed her but she was acting kind of weird in the parking lot across the street (semi walking towards me) and that’s what caught my eye. She practically ran across the street to get ahead of me. I let her go and leisurely walked to the building (am weather has been awesome), but she was still waiting at the elevator when I got there. One came just as I walked up. I thought about letting it go, but decided, What the hell? She was on her phone (I’m pretty sure with Allison based on the conversation) and I chatted with a couple ladies I knew to my floor. I never looked at her.

I felt pretty elated. She seemed to be running from me. Afraid of me? Finally recognized her poor behavior? Whatever. I feel like I hold the power now.