I really wish we weren’t going to California. I just don’t how mom is going to do it unless we do everything from the car. Truly.

We went to the Botanical Garden for lunch and a quick stroll through their xeriscaped area. We’re talking 10-20 yards before she needs to sit. She needs to talk holding my arm. And then we sit. And walk and sit. Which, really, I am fine with. At the Botanical Garden. Not some place you’d normally catch my lounging around, but I’m working on ideas for my yard.

I told her that Jill is bringing the walker this week. She asked me, “Why?” I wanted to say, Um are you sitting on the same bench I am? But didn’t. I told her I thought it might be handy for the trip. But even then, I don’t know.

I haven’t made any hotel reservations yet because I haven’t had the heart. I guess I keep hoping it will be canceled. Not for any major reason, of course. And really, this is just me being selfish. To know what I can go and not do.