Today we left Tarangire for Gibb’s Farm. On the way, we had a guided tour of the village Mto Wa Mbu. It was interesting to see how they are integrating rice farming as a new staple.

One of the benefits of taking a Culture Tour was having a local guide (not just Abu) take us around and talk about the good things happening in their village.

While in the village, we were able to stop to see an artist in work. The painting were based on the work of Tinga Tinga, and were simply marvelous. We all bought at least one.

That afternoon we checked into the fabulous Gibb’s Farm. Pasquale took us on a walking tour of the coffee farm and into the forest. It made me think it was what a rainforest must be like. The hike back up the hills that nearly gave me a heart attack. Thank goodness there was a nurse in our group!