In small villages on our way to Tarangire Park, children would approach our car asking for pens or candy. When we expressed sadness that we had nothing to share, Abu told us “it is not a good way to honor them.” Instead it encourages and promotes future begging instead of going to school. The way he said it was just so profound to me. We must honor them.

The road to our first park and our “home” for 11 days.

As we got closer to the park, I asked Abu what the first animal we’d see would be. He hesitated a moment before saying, “Zebras.” It was actually a small herd of Wildebeest outside of the park that we saw first.

Inside the park, it was zebras. After several days I told Abu, “Now I know why you guessed zebras would be the first animals we saw.” He just laughed. There are not just a couple thousand zebras in Tanzania. There are hundreds of thousands!

Quick point: My photos were taken with a Canon PowerShot SD600. It’s a simple point-n-shoot. I had big time camera envy knowing the pictures Allison and Pat were getting. I bring this up now to explain the quality of my photos and so you know exactly how close we were to the animals. Just click on a picture to see a larger version.

More animals from our first day of viewing:

And goofy me:

Every last animal was spectacular. Naturally, the first time we saw a new breed, we took lots of pics. Abu would laugh and joke that in a few days we’d be like, “Oh, another elephant.” He was wrong. Except for maybe the zebras! 😉