I know I'm not writing much. I'm not keeping up with my Oktoberfest forum very well either. Can it be I've finally run out of things to say?

Oh, stop your laughing.

I have been posting some over on Facebook.

Yes, Kat, I'm going to make you join one more thing. And no, you don't have to let anybody but me be your friend! 😉 Hell, make up a name. Surely there's one of those stripper name quizzes around somewhere!  If you do come, I promise to write more in the "What I'm thinking" box.

I go through these spells of not posting. Although this has gone on longer than usual. And I can't say that I'm stopping blogging, cause the minute I do I always have tons of stuff to say.

So yeah, if you're not my Facebook friend yet, please friend me. Say you know me through Vox. I swear on the Bible, I will not start Twittering too. And if you still wanna track me here, I sure hope you're using a Google Reader or something so you don't have to come here when nothing's new.

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