Yesterday an aunt and uncle surprised us for a quick visit. This is the first time they've been here since my Godmother died. We used to do dinner with them at the same restaurant — tradition, you know?

As we were talking about where we would go to dinner, that restaurant came up. It made me choke up. We haven't been there since the last time they were here. We went with Gina and my Godfather. She and I split a beer and I got her drunk. Only fair, she gave me my first sip of beer!

In a move out of character for my mom, she told them the true story. That I've to spoken to him in two years. She didn't try to gloss it over and make it pretty. She told them that if they saw where he left her they wouldn't want to see him either, so they agreed to lunch with him today — without me.

I felt such a sense of relief. And it make me feel like my mom really understands how I feel about it. I still miss Gina so much.

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