I had lunch with a friend today, but she paid. We tried a new Indian restaurant, but it wasn't that great. I'm glad mom is gone for the weekend so I don't have to resist temptation from her!

I've had thoughts every day about buying something to eat, but it only takes a sec for me to remember the challenge.

I have wrestled with buying Chinese stir-fry from a local grocery store (made fresh in front of you). I feel conflicted, wondering if it doesn't count as eating out (even if I take it home). I figure if I feel conflicted, it counts.

After my Godson's basketball game last night (last one of the season for me – boo!), I made several stops along the way home. But I hadn't had time to eat at home before the game. So I was hungry. It would've been so easy to just grab something. But I prevailed. And ate a candy bar at mom's house while I fed her cats. Maybe that wasn't so much of a win, it being candy and all.

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