I think about writing here most every day. I’ve had this title and topic ideas floating around in my head for days. It’s mostly written in my brain. It’s getting it here via the keyboard that’s the issue.

I like Facebook because you can be communicative without really communicating. Know what I mean?

Do you ever hesitate to talk about something for fear of jinxing yourself?

For instance, before Christmas I ran out of Melatonin, which I’ve used most every night for the past 13 years. It helps me sleep. At the time, I couldn’t make it to Whole Foods to get some more and I was going to be on vacation soon, so I let it go. And I slept. All night. After easily falling asleep. It was a miracle.

I was never super-consistent with the Altenolol because of a yucky side-effect. But after I was off the Melatonin a couple weeks, I noticed the PVCs had pretty much stopped.

But I didn’t tell anyone about that either cause I didn’t want to jinx myself.

Then there was the weight thing. The last two years, I’ve had numbers in my head that I’ve not told anyone. I’ve met each of those annual goals. The minute I wrote down this year’s here, I can’t stop snacking. Snacking, snacking, snacking.

Then someone asked about my heart. And I told the entire story. And guess what? I can’t fall asleep easily anymore or stay asleep. *sigh*

Why is that?? I finally broke down and bought some Melatonin this weekend. I took naps to makeup for the late-night fall asleeps and then continued with more late-night fall asleeps. I’m not going to take any tonight and see what happens.

And now, Africa. Friggin’ economy. Here’s how it falls. I have the money. I feel pretty secure in my job. But with things the way they are, should I really be spending that kind of money right now? Should I leave it in the savings, just in case. Thankfully my traveling partners are thinking the same thing. See, I let myself get excited at the possibility and jinxed it all. Yep, the downturn in the economy is totally all my fault. Sorry y’all.

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