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Christmas has come and gone. It was a lovely holiday. Mom seemed to really appreciate her digital frame. I've got a stack of photos I need to add so she can take it home or to work.

My niece got in late Friday night. We put them up at a hotel, so we didn't see them. I had my normal Saturday radio reading project, so I planned on getting in touch with them after that. However, they were already at mom's when I called her to form a game plan.

I was really proud of her for going to Grandma's on her own. They came to my house and we just hung out a bit before lunch. We ran a couple of errands and came back here before dinner. We'd talked about the zoo and a train ride, but the day got too cold for the little guy to be out.

Yesterday they got here about 11am to watch football. Mom bought lunch after she got off work and they left about 3:30pm.


Christopher is precious. He is even tempered, able to entertain himself, sweet and loving. They do baby sign language with him, which I think is terrific and contributes to his overall happiness. He knows about 20 sign language words and uses them often to tell them what he wants/needs/etc… He also uses speaking words to call his parents, the dog, the football.

Ray is a doll. She really got lucky with him. I'm sure he's not perfect, but he's a keeper.

And my niece. I'm still not sure why they came. She does not talk. Unless you ask her a question, then she can answer thoroughly, but idle chit-chat is not her thing. She does not ask questions of us. She's just . . . I don't know. It makes the time spent with her exhausting. It's awkward and too much work.

After they left, my mom said, "I just can't warm up to her." I understand that. I've decided that for as much I'd like to have her and Christopher in our lives, it may not be something I spend a lot of time cultivating.

You can't hide those lyin' tired eyes . . .

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