This week was the office Christmas party. It was totally not fun and I'm not sure if that's because of the locale or the fact that I didn't have any adult beverages.

I've known since the day-after last year's drunken debacle, that I wouldn't be doing that again this year. And I didn't have a single drop of an adult beverage on Wednesday.

Thing is, it seems I can't drink anymore. Once I added atenolol to my repertoire, I feel sick when I drink. Not like nauseated, just sick. It made me think that it must be what someone taking a drug to not drink feels like when they do.

So, I've not had a single drop of anything since July. I am parched. Parched.

I do have some beverages that I could try at home to see how I feel now that its been a while, but it seems funny to intentionally do something to make yourself feel bad.

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