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I love to read. Love it. Always have. The problem was I spent hundreds of dollars on books every year. So when I started the budget last year, books were one of the first things to go.

In turn, I've become a HUGE fan of the library. You should be too. All those books. On any topic you can imagine. All free! What more could you want out of life?

I just finished a book last night that I quite enjoyed. Just really pleasant fiction:

I have put the sequel on hold (love that feature!).

But earlier this year, I saw there were three books coming out that I really wanted to buy. To own. To support the author.

The first was a Voxer of our very own: R.G. Ryan. I received an autographed copy, but they are offering a terrific Christmas sale right now. Check him out.

The next came from the mom on one of my favorite shows: Jon & Kate Plus 8. Wow, there are a lot of J&K haters out there, all claiming to worry about the children. They really b*tch more about how much money they make now. Hell, why shouldn't they cash in while they can? (Although I do feel the "product placement" has been a little heavy of late.)

The last of the three books came out Tuesday. It's a compilation plus more from one of my favorite websites, The Daily Coyote (yes, I subscribe to the daily photo!). I think Shreve has a great writing style and while many bemoan her taking in a wild animal, I truly believe she and Charlie were meant to find each other.

I picked it up tonight since I was near a bookstore. While I was there, I just had to pick up today's latest release:

So, I bought four books this year. Sue me.

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