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Yeah, I almost put the Freedom lyrics in, but figured that would be overkill (see below).

Mom had her second drain removed yesterday. He also poked around to aspirate any fluids that might of collected. I watched with my mouth hanging open with only the tops of my eyes looking over the magazine top. He was crazy moving that needle around. Thankfully, she was numbed, but even after all that he didn't get anything out!

The surgeon showed her some exercises she can do now to help stretch the muscles back out. As she did one, she said, "I can do this from the desk." Both he and the nurse looked a little baffled, so I told them She's ready to go back to work. The kicker was her reply, "It's been 18 days!"

She'd already been given permission to drive, but getting that second drain out was all she needed to hit the road. She went out yesterday and today, happy to be driving again. I think she's a little surprised at how fatigued she gets, but hello! It's only been 19 days!

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