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Amazing. You would really not know mom just had surgery. I am so proud of her. Of us.

We went to I-Hop for breakfast, then Wal-Mart and Target. The nurse was supposed to come around noon, so we went home to wait for her.

Mom asked my brother to do a couple chores for her, but I let her have it when I found her out on the front porch sweeping. I hustled her inside and made her sit. After a while she concurred that maybe she'd over done it.

The nurse just raved over how well she is doing. She drained her fluids and checked all her vitals. Everything was in perfect order, including her blood sugar. Another nurse will come tomorrow and Tuesday to do the same. We're hoping the drains come out Wednesday. I think that will really help the getting back to normal phase.

My brother is still here and still driving me crazy. At Target, mom thanked me for being so patient with him. I told her, I'm trying very hard and she said, "I know, I can see." Today I learned that if I sit beside him I can roll my eyes and he doesn't notice! 😉

Because she is still so active, he told me that I was going to have hell with her the next week. I told him that I'm going to work tomorrow and he looked at me like I was crazy. I'm not here, she's not going anywhere, she'll sit and rest. And I know that will be the case. He asked if I was taking her keys and I told him no because I know she won't try to drive. If she needs anything I am ten minutes away. Day or night.

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