I went to see Gallagher tonight with a friend. He was funny, but she told me a story before-hand that left me too stunned to care.

She told me that my ex-boyfriend became a drug-runner and involved his two sons. They were arrested and sent to prison. The sons, not the dad.

I am crushed. Crushed.

Needless to say I got to googling the minute I got home. I didn't find anything on this story, but I did find arrest records for the older son from four years ago. When he was 19.

Arson. Grand larceny. Breaking and entering. Petit larceny. Auto theft. Malicious burning.

I found six civil cases against his dad. Nothing on the youngest son.

I have asked my friend to go back to her source for further clarification. I will be devastated if this is true.

He and I talked about getting married. It just didn't work out. And I thank God for that. Once, long after our final break-up, mom told me, "You know that wouldn't have worked out, right?" Oh, I know. Because he'd be dead and I'd be in jail for killing him. Maybe I wasn't so off.

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