You know me. Always running off in a different direction chasing the newest thing. This will be the book or the tv show or the shoes or the blog that will change my life.

I found Carrie & Danielle via The Happiness Project (which I love). Their book, Style Statement, seems to be right on the cusp of busting out big time. So, of course, I ran right out and bought a copy.

It's been an interesting read. It's geared to help you develop a lifestyle map. You work through the book and choose two words that describe who you are.

Based on the 80/20 principle, the first word represents your foundation, your 80%, your first nature. The second word is your creative edge, your distinction— the 20% of your picture that motivates and moves you forward.

There are tons of questions and answers meant to bring out the true you. This is not a fashion guide. It applies to every part of your life.

The Manifesto of Style talks about how finding your Style Statement can be the guide to your life. People talk about discovering their two words and then the heavens open up and the angels sing (or they cry, same thing).

I've not finished the book yet, but I've narrowed down my choices for my first word. Genuine or Simple/Simply.

Genuine Spirit: Authentic and real, Genuine wants to be fully itself and deeply appreciate people and experiences that are free of hypocrisy or dishonesty. Sincerity is sweet music to their souls. They gravitate to those who are down-to-earth and unpretentious. They are expert at sensing the discomfort and needs of others and so excel at putting people at ease, drawing on their humor, good manners, or tenderness to do so. Genuine has a knack for taking the best and leaving the rest. They want the facts. They rarely suffer fools, and they don't make much time for situations that go against their grain or distract them from their goals. It's fairly easy for them to walk away from situations that aren't serving them. Genuine's motto tends to be "Live and live." Ironically, Genuine can struggle with balancing its outer image with its inner desires and, for better or worse, will fake it to make it. They have a special fondness for originality and appreciate things that last and endure, as well as people and principles that have stood the test of time.

Genuine Look & Feel: Comfortable and comforting. Strong craftsmanship, standing the test of time. Almost anything goes with Genuine's fashion as long as it feels right. Genuine adores tried-and-true brands and things, and places and people steeped with history and character. Replicas. rip-offs, and imitation designs and materials are out of the question.

Simple/Simply Spirit: Simply is authentic and never one for airs or embellishment, they are typically humble and modest. What you see is what you get. Simply loathes excessiveness, waste and clutter — both materially and psychologically. Deception and personal politics irritate them on the deepest level. What's unnecessary is disheartening. Simply is a direct communicator. They express themselves clearly and candidly. They love to find out the story behind the story, get their point across, and they won't back down from an argument. In fact, they can be persistent and stubborn, to the point they can become entrenched. For better or for worse, they're great at cutting corners. Simply loves to find the most logical or ideal solutions — utility and purposefulness are at the top of their list. They are remarkably durable and hearty spirits. Simply has a keen way of knowing what's most important or essential in every dimension and deeply relishes the basic necessities and pleasures of life.

Simple/Simply Look & Feel: Clean, pared down, balanced. Basic, organic. Fundamental, Austere, plain. Open spaces. Well organized. Tidy. Can range from ultramodern and start to sheer elegance. Never ostentatious or showy.

Now, these are obviously not perfect fits. But I think they are very close to who I am and who I want to be.

I am working on my second word, but that's for a different post.

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