Nailed me:

Virgo is practical, detail-oriented, and interested in economy, whether that refers to your finances, your automobile or any other resource. Thus, you're drawn to cars that aren't too big or flashy and gas-guzzlers need not apply! No, you need something small and sensible with good mileage and great reliability ratings. You tend to drive the same car for years and years; you're hard-pressed to get a new one until the old one is paid off and falling apart. Keeping that in mind, if you're . . .

Fully loaded:

Even when you're indulging in a luxury vehicle, you can't suppress that practical, specs-conscious nature of yours. Go for something stylish, reserved, and environmentally conscious, such as a Lexus RX Hybrid SUV, to assuage your conscience as well as your bank balance.

Comfortable: With its high crash test ratings, excellent gas mileage, and other practical features, a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry is right up your alley. Plus, these cars' lines are elegant yet understated, just like you. You might also like a Toyota Prius or a Honda Hybrid vehicle, for even more savings on gasoline and near-zero emissions — which is better for your pocketbook as well as the environment.

On a budget: Check out a used Mercury, after all, this car is named after your ruling planet. A Ford Focus also reflects your legendary powers of concentration.

Remember, you love sifting through the details and finding the best deal around. Consumer Reports and other quality review sources are a great place for you to find a ride that's safe, reliable and an all-around good buy.

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