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One year ago today I took my last bite of a hamburger.

One year later I can say with conviction, I am a vegetarian.

Seafood was really the only thing I craved. Once my doctor encouraged me to eat fish for my heart, I jumped right in. Maybe a half-dozen times. But I just couldn't get past the this is an animal thought. It just felt wrong in my mouth. I'll have to discuss with my doctor other ways to get good oils for my heart.

I'm just as surprised as anyone that a year later I am still meatless. I was totally a "Real girls eat meat" kind of girl. Fajitas? Beef. Salad? Steak on top. Pizza? Pepperoni. I was definitely a carnivore.

It's been easier than I expected. I thought there would be many temptations. Many cravings to overcome. But that hasn't been the case. Occasionally I might smell something cooking and think that it smelled good, but there's never been a moment when I thought, maybe just a taste.

Now, if only I were a vegetarian who ate more veggies. 😉

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