So I'd been toying with the idea that I would just try the lifestyle changes first and forgo adding another med to my regimen. Then I got this message from my friend the retired ER nurse:

There are irregular heartbeats and then there are irregular heartbeats. Mine have been benign. Just very annoying. And lo and behold they are subsiding. Still I have them checked regularly to keep track of them. BUT!!!! PVCs are something different and not to be toyed with. You must follow all those instructions to the letter. PVCs can be dangerous. Not benign. Please don't let any of us tell you "I have the very same thing and all I have to do is blah blah blah." PVCs are different. Not to scare you, Sooz, but listen to the docs – not those of us who have irregular heartbeats. Sounds like we have all been told not to worry. You have not been told that. You have a whole different set of instructions. Very important. I would get a cardiologist if I were you.

The trouble with PVCs is not in the irregularity but in the irregular irreularity. That really is a description. "Irregularly irregular." That funny jagged squiggle is called the QRS. If it falls on a T wave you can be in big trouble. Just take the med. Do the other stuff. Maybe you can get off the med if you really want to some day. It would be wonderful to not ever have to take meds. But it is wonderful to live.

So, yeah, I'm definitely filling the prescription today.

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