I have an irregular heartbeat. I am having "PVCs" which are premature ventricular contractions. I am having enough to require medication, but not enough to be considered serious-serious.

I was actually having a pretty bad episode when she called. I was laying on the floor when I heard my phone ringing. Quinky-dink.

I have to give up caffeine. We know I am excited about that. Not. And chocolate. And all sorts of things. Get more exercise. Lose weight. You know, the usual "life style" changes stuff.

She made me laugh when she said, "I see an increase in women getting this as they become peri-menopausal." I told her, "Shut up! That's not even funny." Good thing she likes me! 😉

I know lots of people live with an irregular heartbeat (some don't even know it), and with time I will learn to live with it too!

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