So, this was a vacation week. I got some stuff done, but not everything on my list. I'm trying to be ok with that and not beat myself up over it.

Neighbor is thriving. Antibiotics have worked wonders. So have three squares a day of real food and some PT. She is bright eyed and bushy tailed. Making articulate conversation, dementia not showing through as much. Goes to show what getting off the couch and eating veggies can do for a person.

Mom is not doing as well. She went with me to read yesterday and cried all the way there from the pain. Mind you, this has to be some PAIN for my mom to openly cry like that.

Gigi is better. Still not eating what she was before the incident. Sure she's still hoovering around looking for crumbs and scarfing down her doggie crack, but not eating as much of her main meal.

Wow. I started this earlier and forgot about it. Basically what I've been doing to posts all week. What else should I include?

Um, had another tumble this week. This time I stepped crooked on the sidewalk edge and went down (yes, on the sidewalk). Didn't hurt anything. Well, except my pride. But my pride is so over falling that I just laugh them off any more.

Loved Lost.

I've discovered during my time off that I really need a schedule. Who knew?

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