We saw Indiana Jones today. Yeah, the movie was that bad, but my real issue was with someone smelly sitting near me.

I'm sure she wasn't stinky to the average nose, but she was too me. Too floral. Too sweet. Too strong.

First there was the sneezing. Then the nausea.

Yes, I felt like throwing up watching Indy. And not just because the movie was that bad.

I had to move away from my group. So I could breath fresh air. Then I had to chug down a 7-Up and lay naked in the cold air conditioning to feel better. No, I was at home by then. I still feel queasy.

People just assume that if they think they smell pretty, then everyone else will like it too.

Not me. Please, put away your perfume, special soaps and fragrant lotions. Or I might throw up on you. Just a warning, that's all.

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