Well, I feel like I am making head-way getting other people to do stuff for me:

  • got the yard done yesterday
  • got huge bush trimmed back to scale today
  • having ceiling fans installed right now

Today, I got some dog food. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and to visit Gerry. Yep, that about sums up my participation in the cleaning/organization process. If only I could afford to pay someone to do *that* for me!


Yesterday mom cried on the phone. She was down because she feels like she complains a lot. She doesn't. I mean, not really. Pain is what her life revolves around right now. Feeling it and trying to relieve it. How do you not talk about that?

She cried that she thinks this is how I will remember her. As a whiner. I assured her that won't be the case at all. That I will always remember her as the woman who ran circles around me until she was 80. That she is my inspiration of how to live life as I age. That seemed to make her feel better. Which is good, because it's the truth.

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