Good gravy am I ever glad this week is over.

Neighbor was moved into a skilled nursing facility late last night. She has to be on antibiotics for four weeks for the MRSA. She seems to be doing ok (the dementia helps with that). Her kids? Not so much.

Chemo started this week for my friend. It wasn't until the third day that she started feeling puny. It sounds like right now she is really pukey.

Mom gets another shot next week. I sure hope another one will help even more. I think she's shown good strides in improvement. The leg cramps are still around and she equates that with not doing well, not matter how many times I tell her the two issues are not related.

Gigi is doing better. Still not eating much. Just not quite back to her perky self. The brownie she ate was huge. I had to cut what I ate into bite sizes with a knife and fork. Her heart rate was 200 and her temp was 102.7. Even though I am broke because of it, I am still so glad that she woke me up.

I am off this week and am so hoping to have a reprieve from everything. My goal was to get the house more organized and now I'm two days behind. I'm not going to get too wound up about it and just do what I can.

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