Three nights this week there has been someone I've thought about that I've heard from the next day.

First, we had a huge fire at a local university Tuesday night. It made me think of a friend who graduated from there that I haven't heard from in a while. There was an email at work the next morning.

Wednesday night I thought about a former co-worker and wondered to myself how her babies were doing. I even thought, Oh, they're not babies any more, they're little girls now. Yesterday morning at work was an email link to view a slide show of the two girls.

Last night on the way home, I thought how interesting it was that I'd heard from these folks after thinking of them. I thought to myself, Who would I like to hear from tomorrow? I thought about a couple of people, then decided that I really wanted to hear from someone I'd sent an email to on Wednesday. An old classmate. I let him know our 25th high school reunion is scheduled for October. Things were really awkward between us last time we talked and I seriously thought I wouldn't hear back from him.

But in my email this morning? Yep, he wrote back.

Man, I need to seriously decide who I'd like to hear from tomorrow!!

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