Would y'all do me a favor? My movie friend Jeff is at it again. I received this email today:

I shot a short film called "Therapy" and entered it in an online festival.  The Doorpost Film Project will give 15 semifinalists $10,000 to make another short to compete in the finals for $100,000!!!  
I NEED YOUR VOTE!  The top 15 will be selected partly based on a popular ratings.  Voting is open through June 1 and the semifinalists will be announced on June 2.
Go watch "Therapy" here:

Then click the "SIGN UP!" button to create a log in and rate my film.  While you're there, post your comments — I'd love to hear what you think.  
And don't be selfish – arrgh!  Forward this message to anyone who could use a laugh.
: jeff
It made me laugh (especially cause I know him) and you should get giggle or two from it too. Jeff plays the client.
Please vote! How great would it be for him to win the big bucks?!

P.S. It may take a long time for the page to load.

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