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My friend went home today after they took out her staples. Her older daughter is going to stay with her, but I'm pretty sure she will get the boot over the weekend. Her mother definitely likes her privacy.

So, how did this start you ask?

Well, with just feeling a little puny. She would feel exhausted after mowing her front yard (not large) and wouldn't be able to do the back yard till the next day. When she really pushed herself she would have a cramp in her lower abdomen.

They determined she was very anemic and put her on iron, which started to correct the fatigue issue. Then when the cramping didn't go away, they did an MRI, which led to a colonoscopy. During the colonoscopy they found a tumor. The results from that came while I was in Orlando. It was 10 days between cancer results and the visit with the surgeon. That was last Tuesday and Friday she had the surgery.

She seems to be doing really well. Her spirits are good and she was laughing with mom and I last night (which hurt, of course!). She is very direct like I am, so we communicate well in that sense. I asked a few questions last night that she asked of the oncologist today (who has come to see her every day, good sign). She's not decided about the experimental stuff yet. At home she'll be able to do some Internet research to help with that decision process.

And how I am, you wonder?

My mom told me yesterday that I sounded down and asked if I was ok. I wanted to say, Well, der, why do you think I'm down? But instead I said, I'm fine. "Really?" Yes, I'm fine.

And I am. Fine. But it's a given that anytime anyone thinks I'm not fine based on my writing, feel free to point it out. I'm good with that.

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