From an email I sent out:

    Hello All,

    Today we met with an orthopaedic surgeon who says that mom is suffering from a severe case of spinal stenosis.

    She was given a corticosteroid shot in each hip. Yes, this is the same shot she received from our primary care doctor, but he believes with the MRIs he was able to pinpoint where the pain radiates from. He does not believe mom will need surgery (big sigh of relief!).

    She will also receive an epidural-type corticosteroid shot in her back. This will be done at a shot clinic. They are scheduling that appointment for us.

    If the shots are going to work, she should feel full relief in two weeks. I sure hope so because you would not believe how hunched over she is when she walks. It hurts to watch.

    We see the surgeon again in June for a progress report.

    Thanks for keeping her in your prayers and positive thoughts.

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