Mom's new handrail was put in last weekend. She told me this week that she didn't realize how insecure she'd been feeling until it was there to make her feel secure. Funny how something done in an hour or two can give someone something so priceless.

We went to her doctor yesterday. It was bad. The doctor said she'd never seen mom cry before. She recommended two MRIs: one hip and one back (which we did today), plus a trip to an orthopedic surgeon. It was also the first time she suggested maybe mom shouldn't live alone anymore. Not a directive. A mention.

Today we went for the MRIs. That was terrible. Mom has been stoic my whole life. If something hurt her I never knew. So to see her cry from the pain now makes me feel l like vomiting. It was a pretty hard two hours.

I am meeting my girlfriends in Orlando this week and had to change my schedule so I can be here Monday for the appointment with the surgeon. Then another visit with her primary that Friday. I'm guessing she knows mom's going to need some talking into if surgery is the recommendation.

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