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It was 8th grade. We were in the same History class. She joined us mid-year and we met because my friend was her cousin. One day we had a field trip to a local military base. She was sitting behind me as we waited for everyone to file back into our classroom. I thought I'd be nice and make conversation.

So, how long have you know Carolyn?

She looked at me funny, "Um, my whole life? (insert pause here because my airhead was showing) She's my cousin."

Oh, yeah.

And that's how I met my best friend.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have thanked God for her. Her family. And today is one of those days.

She read the post about the porch. She recruited her construction guru brother-in-law to take on the project. He was going to go by mom's this afternoon (she was here) and measure the porch. When time allows he'll come put a wooden handrail in.

What a blessing from God. I'm still feeling very emotional about it. Grateful. For my not-by-blood, but because-of-love family.

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