Gigi came home from the groomer this week with a mani-pedi:

Since I already dress her, I need I get the polish off her lest anyone think I am one of those crazy dog ladies.

Speaking of toes, I went to a podiatrist this week. As long as I can remember, I have always hated my toes. I would never wear shoes that showed my toes. It probably wasn't until I "discovered" flip flop's just a few years back that I would bare my toes.

Basically every toe except for my big toes are malformed. (It is a birth issue, not because of shoes.) Primarily hammer toes. Both #2 toes are pretty bad now. Enough to need surgery. So is the #3 toe on my left foot.

When I was younger, I dreamed of having my toes fixed. Sometimes they would hurt so much.  My mom feels bad that it wasn't something she afford when I was younger. I tried to explain that the surgery back in the day was probably much worse than it is these days (which the doctor confirmed). These days each toe takes about 15 minutes. Surgery on Friday, back to work on Monday.

It's odd to know something yourself, but to hear someone else talk about it was weird. He pointed at my big toe in the side x-ray and explained that those should be the only bones visible from that angle. Hah.

When I asked about a couple whiter spots on right toe #2, he pointed out that I should have three bones in that toe, not two. But see, I do have three bones in that toe. It's just that one bone is almost perpendicular now. It will need a pin to help straighten it out. Ah, so that's why that hurts.

He would like six weeks of no crazy walking post surgery, so because of a couple trips coming up, I won't have surgery until the summer. Late June maybe.

Part of me is thrilled that I am getting some toes fixed. Another worries that I will hate having such long toes after. Mostly though, I wish I could have it done right now!

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